How does the Sauce's Ai engine work?

🪴Aggregate Feedback

Sauce starts off by aggregating all of your raw feedback from any data source. You can see all the raw feedback by going to Feedback -> Original.

Summarised Feedback

By going back to the default summarised viewin the Feedback tab, it shows all of the feature requests and issues that have automatically been pulled out from your feedback.

Sauce automatically identifies related feedback that is over 90% similar. For feature requests or issues that have similar feedback, the Similar tab will appear.

Sauce clusters feedback into trends in real-time, allowing you to filter by customer attributes (i.e. what are the top issues for enterprise customers) and a range of other filters.

As you search and filter down feedback further, it will re-cluster on the fly and find more specific issues, constantly re-evaluating how it analyses the feedback.

📡 Noise reduction

During this process there's usually noise in the feedback from html code coming through with emails to multiple languages to support conversations with two people conversing. Sauce has build specific pre-processing algorithms that reduces noise by 98% from all incoming feedback.

You can also manually reduce the noise sent to sauce by implementing Feedback Filtering Rules.

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