Getting started

👋 Hey! We’re so excited to partner with you in supercharging your customer impact, starting with your product feedback. You'll find everything you need to know in this guide, any other questions please contact

What is Sauce?

Sauce is the product feedback engine that helps teams:

  • Consolidate feedback from customers & internal teams

  • Automatically analyse & aggregate into top customer problems with Sauce AI

  • Quantify the impact of customer problems by volume, revenue, segmentation

  • Close your communication loop with internal teams when you’ve solved it

Consolidate product feedback into a source of truth

You can get started with nearly any data source from CSV to Zendesk to Zapier for all other connections. You can read up on how to connect all of your data in our integrations section.

Most of our integrations are real-time, however some will have certain rate limits and sync every 5 minutes.

Create personalised views

As soon as you search or filter within Sauce, we will cluster all of your relevant feedback in real time. When you create views they also get added to your watchlist on the navbar.

Monitor with Digests

You can monitor your views in Sauce or you can create digests to Slack channels.

Invite my team

You can invite your team by going to Settings -> Users and clicking the invite button. You can either add their email or copy-link to share with them in a messaging app.

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