How to prepare your file for CSV upload

Let’s explain how we use each field so you can prepare your CSV file for upload. Sauce AI needs at least 100 rows of feedback to start automating insights and trends. If you upload more than 1000 rows, Sauce AI will only analyse the first 1000 rows. You can increase this limit by upgrading your plan.

Prepare your file with the following columns...

CSV ColumnHow this data is used in Sauce


Used by Sauce AI to extract feature requests and issues. You can map several csv columns to this property. E.g. Title, description, transcripts, notes.

Date created*

When this feedback was reported. We use this to visualise frequency of feedback.

Reporter name

The individual who reported it. Often this is customers but can sometimes be internal team members.

Reporter email

Used to distinguish between internal and external reporters.

Customer name

The name of the company for this customer.

Customer email

Helps us sync company profiles across integrations within Sauce.


Where this feedback came from. E.g. Typeform.

Product area

What feature or team does this feedback relate to?


  • The minimum columns needed are Date and Description. Everything else is optional. Filters will be provided for every other property. (E.g. Reporter or Product Area)

  • If your CSV includes several fields detailing feedback E.g. “Notes” or “Comments”, you can assign more than one column for description when uploading feedback.

  • If the individual reporting your feedback is a customer, select reporter not customer, when mapping.

  • If the feedback is coming from a company (as opposed to an individual) select Customer when mapping company names.

  • Ensure that your first row is not blank within your CSV file.

  • The order your columns appear doesn’t matter.

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