Salesforce integration

Learn how to use the Sauce integration with Salesforce. You can use the Salesforce integration to overlay understand revenue impact and segmentation of trending customer insights.

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Connect integration

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Connect to to Salesforce account

  3. Select which attributes you want to bring into Sauce

Setup Salesforce forms

When you want to connect a Salesforce feedback form to Sauce

  1. Select "Connect Form"

  2. Map Salesforce form columns to Sauce columns

  3. Save integration

Data management & security

Sauce operates under the principle of least privilege for data collection.


Information disclosed

  • Customer name

  • [Optional] Customer attributes stored in Salesforce

  • [Optional] Feedback from a Salesforce database

Purpose of disclosure

To overlay feedback insights with customer attributes (e.g. revenue, segments) to understand impact.To analyse customer feedback stored in Salesforce and deliver our service of automated, real-time insights

Access management

Sauce only has access to data from Salesforce attributes selected by you. You can alter this anytime in Sauce integration settings. If you wish to delete data that has been uploaded to Sauce, you can email


OAuth 2.0

Data Scopes



This scope allows your application to obtain a refresh token, which can be used to obtain a new access token without requiring the user to re-authenticate. It is typically used for long-term access to Salesforce on behalf of the user.


Similar to offline_access, this scope specifically indicates that your application is requesting a refresh token. A refresh token is used to obtain a new access token when the current one expires.


Manage user data via Web browsers. Allows use of the access_token on the web. This scope also includes visualforce, allowing access to customer-created Visualforce pages.


Manage user data via APIs. Allows access to the current, logged-in user’s account using APIs, such as REST API and Bulk API 2.0. This scope also includes chatter_api, which allows access to Connect REST API resources.

For more information on Salesforce scopes, check out Salesforce's documentation here.

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